Информационный ресурс о техническом регулировании и подтверждении соответствия требованиям Технических регламентов (сертификация) промышленного оборудования, применяемого на опасных производственных объектах (ОПО), актуальных проблемах и последних изменениях.

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January 29, 2018


Today we launched the section of the site in English for our dear English-speaking friends and partners !!!


«Truboprovod» provides foreign companies with the necessary services for the supply of industrial equipment, vessels and apparatus, pumps, compressors, pipe assemblies and other equipment for oil refineries and chemical enterprises in Russia.


The rules for the use of equipment in Russia are regulated by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR), which establish security requirements.




Necessary steps


1. Manufacturing

The manufacturer produces equipment on its territory, prepares technical documentation (drawings, test reports, etc.).


2. Some of your  technical documentation has to comply with Russian norms

By order of the manufacturer, NTP Truboprovod will develop a set of technical documentation (based on the information provided by the manufacturer) according to Russian  norms (safety justification, passport, strength calculation) and prepares for submission to the Certification Body.


3. Confirmation of conformity of your equipment to the requirements of CU TR

The manufacturer (or an authorized person, if the manufacturer doesn’t have a representative office in Russia) applies to the Certification Body for the procedure of confirming the conformity of the equipment with the prepared set of documents. The certification body passes to the manufacturer a certificate (or in some cases a declaration of conformity).


4. Supply and use of your equipment at Russian enterprises

Manufacturer   having a certificate (declaration) and a set of documents confirming the conformity of products to the safety requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, has the right to supply its equipment to the territory of Russia.




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